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May 24, 2024

CCA-Venus creative award: Gold for FH Salzburg

This year's ‘Student of the Year’ honour at the Venus Award of the Creativ Club Austria (CCA) goes to students at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences. The creative team around the deepfake art figure ‘Ethan Pope’ accepted the prestigious prize at the award ceremony on 23 May.

The ‘Ethan Pope’ team is delighted to have won gold and silver in the ‘Student of the Year’ category of the CCA Venus Award. © Heidi Pein/Phillip Lichtenegger

At the invitation of the Creativ Club Austria, the Austrian creative and advertising scene celebrated the presentation of the Venus Award, the most important prize in the Austrian creative industry, at the Wiener Werkshallen. Under the direction of the twelve-member jury, around 170 jurors assessed a total of 1,677 submissions in 15 main categories.

Gold for AI art figure

Christoph Amort, Stephan Fürböck, Paula Nikolussi and Florian Weiermann from the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences scored highly with their collaborative work ‘Ethan Pope’ and won a golden Venus in the ‘Student of the Year’ category for graphic and product design as well as silver in the young talent category for communication idea/concept.  The multimedia art project explores the blurring boundaries of identity in the hyper-digital age and combines technologies such as deepfake, speech synthesis and generative (AI) art with projections and interactive audience participation to create an impressive live performance. The work was supervised by Michael Großauer, Head of the ‘Producing & Creative Industries’ specialisation at the Department of Creative Technologies.

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Successful final projects and awards in the CCA yearbook

Karen Kircher received bronze for her final project ‘Female Gaze Design’, in which she analyses the unconscious reproduction of traditional role models in design.

Also included in the CCA yearbook, which presents the best works of the year, were Fabian Heller with his work ‘Ästhetik des Unheimlichen’, Timo Asch, Bastian Gasser, Florian Weger, Tanja Gruber and Johannes Handlechner with their web app ‘Prio’, Jana C. Rowenski and Magdalena Jo Umkehrer with their feminist intervention ‘SIND GLEICH DA’, Alina Traun and Sebastian Scholtze with ‘ANTIBIASBOOK’ and Jan Reisecker and Jan Fischerlehner with their design for ‘Creativity Rules 2023’.

CCA-Venus as a guest at the Creativity Rules Festival

The Creativ Club Austria is going on tour in Austria and invites you to the award ceremony for the respective ‘Regional Creative Leads’ in the federal states. The event will take place on 31 May as part of the ‘Creativity Rules’ festival at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences in Hallein. In addition to insights from the CCA Venus jury, the winning creative works from Salzburg will be presented.