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April 17, 2024

FHStartup Fellow SKEETOO presents natural solution against mosquitoes

The two FH Salzburg students Kathrin Buchinger-Schlader and Daniela Gefahrt developed a project idea as part of their studies and have now presented their product - a soap that is also effective against mosquitoes and gnats - to the jury and a wide TV audience on the show "2 Minuten 2 Millionen".

The two FH Salzburg (SUAS) students and start-up founders Kathrin Buchinger-Schlader and Daniela Gefahrt with their product, a natural-based shower gel that repels annoying mosquitoes.

A cosy summer evening, a chilled drink in your hand. But unwelcome guests - in the form of annoying mosquitoes and gnats - spoil the relaxing time outdoors. This is where the business idea of two young women can help: "We have developed a solid shower gel for the daily shower routine that not only cares for the skin and smells good, but also keeps annoying mosquitoes away," explain Kathrin Buchinger-Schlader and Daniela Gefahrt. In March, they took the plunge into self-employment with their start-up "SKEETOO".

The two students from Salzburg and Upper Austria met three years ago at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences. Both are currently in their 6th semester of the part-time Bachelor's degree programme "SME Management & Entrepreneurship".

"Protection begins with the shower", is the promise of SKEETOO. The natural shower gel is produced in Austria and offers additional protection against mosquitoes.

A place for innovation

The idea for her start-up was born in a course at the FH Salzburg (SUAS). The "Innovation Labs" are part of the curriculum. Here, students can give free rein to their ideas and develop a new business model or a new product or service offering within three semesters. The idea is pursued and professionally supported from the very first minute, right through to the possible real start-up. This project serves to plan a potential succession, drive forward an innovation or simply test out the option of self-employment.

"The business idea was born in the second semester at the SUAS. In the following semester, we developed the business model and finally worked out the financing options," explain the young entrepreneurs. A start-up has now emerged from the initial idea. Production and sales were set up, designs and communication channels established. The two also received support from the FH Salzburg network. They are "Fellows" of the FH Startup Centre and also receive advice and support here.

TV appearance with a wide reach

Kathrin Buchinger-Schlader and Daniela Gefahrt became known to a large audience through the PULS 4 programme "2 Minuten 2 Millionen", where they both made an appearance on 16 April. "It was a very exciting experience where we learnt a lot," report the two founders. With lots of ideas in mind, they are now getting started with their development. An expansion of the product family is already being planned.

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