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March 11, 2021

Mars mission and deep space in the (virtual) seminar room

In the summer semester, students at the FH Salzburg will have the unique opportunity to learn from business strategist and data science expert Cindy Chin. As part of a guest professorship, she will hold courses on the topic of "Deep Data in Deep Space". This was made possible through cooperation with Salzburg AG and the province of Salzburg.

Translate to English: Förderung des internationalen Austauschs von Wissen und Expertise: Von März bis Juni unterrichtet die renommierte Data-Science-Forscherin und Wirtschaftsstrategin Cindy Chin als Gastprofessorin an der FH Salzburg.

Actually, Cindy Chin would have already landed in Austria on the plane from New York. But due to corona, the designated visiting professor will now teach virtually at the FH Salzburg from March to June. "Deep Data in Deep Space" is the topic of her lectures. As a visionary for future technologies, Cindy Chin combines many interesting areas, such as data analytics with space research - a more than topical subject right now with the landing of the Perseverance on Mars.

Space is becoming more and more commercialised. The sums that will be invested in the space industry in the next few years exceed several trillion. Space exploration collects and processes a huge amount of data. The potential to network and interpret this and to gain knowledge and innovations from it is enormous. The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning opens up many more possibilities.

"AI, data science and machine learning are curricula of the IT degree programmes at FH Salzburg. Through Cindy Chin's guest professorship, students will get an insight into the application possibilities and use of technologies in space. The expertise of the NASA datanaut and the international perspective are a great opportunity for the students during their education," says FH Rector Gerhard Blechinger, pleased about the unique opportunity of this international exchange.

Where science fiction becomes reality

In her teaching, the visiting professor wants to pass on her knowledge and arouse the students' interest. Cindy Chin: "I want to encourage dialogue about a field where the boundaries of the impossible are being pushed further and further. In my world, science fiction is just becoming reality. In order to realise a vision and face the challenges that come with it, we need imagination, creativity, strategic thinking and planning skills - and the technical know-how to go with it."

No innovation without science

In 2020, the three partners Land Salzburg, Salzburg AG and FH Salzburg launched their cooperation. This supports young talents, promotes new, innovative ideas and strengthens Salzburg as a science and business location. A total of 20 scholarships were awarded under the motto #wirsindzukunft and 10 Bachelor's or Master's theses were honoured with a science prize. The guest professorship is also part of the cooperation. Due to its great success, the #wirsindzukunft cooperation will be continued in the academic year 2021/22.

"Especially in times of the global corona crisis, the promotion of young talents and new ideas is even more important than before. This creates perspective, hope and security - for everyone. Fast, innovative and uncomplicated approaches to solutions are the non plus ultra in all areas. It is the digital solutions and new, smart technologies that will shape our future products and thus our coexistence, our living environments. Salzburg AG is the innovation driver. It is therefore particularly important for us to train the young talents of the future in Salzburg, to challenge them and then to bring them into our Salzburg technology companies, to promote, challenge and retain them," says Leonhard Schitter, Spokesman of the Board/CEO of Salzburg AG.