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June 14, 2023

Solomiia Tkach is ‘Scientist in Residence’ in Salzburg

As part of the "Scientist in Residence" programme of the City of Salzburg, the Ukrainian scientist Solomiia Tkach will be a guest in Salzburg in June. Together with researchers at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, she will address various topics in the fields of urban and regional development as well as tourism.

Translate to English: Ulrike Szigeti (FH Vizerektorin), Martina Sageder (Leiterin des Departments Business and Tourism), Solomiia Tkach (Scientist in Residence), Stefan Netsch (Wissenschaftlicher Leiter Smart Building), Dominik Engel (FH-Geschäftsführer) © FH Salzburg

Salzburg not only attracts many visitors, but also people who study, teach or research here. As part of the "Scientist in Residence" programme, the City of Salzburg enables scientists to live and work in the City of Mozart for a month.

Since the beginning of June, the economist Solomiia Tkach has been in Salzburg as part of the programme. Born in Ukraine, she works and conducts research at the Dolishniy Institute of Regional Research of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine in Lviv. Her focus is on regional economics, urban development and tourism. Here in Salzburg, she would like to get to know regional concepts, network with scientists and integrate the knowledge into her work. At the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, the young scientist mainly exchanges ideas with Stefan Netsch from the Department of Green Engineering and Circular Design and Martina Sageder from the Department of Business and Tourism.

"In my research, I take a very practical approach. I want to use the time here in Salzburg to gain as much insight as possible into different areas," explains the scientist. Solomiia Tkach is convinced that many good concepts are needed to rebuild Ukraine after the war. She wants to contribute to this with her work. "Among other things, it is about how urban development can take place and how tourism can be revived in Ukraine after the end of the war.

The Scientist-in-Residence Programme invites young scientists from various disciplines to spend a working period in Salzburg, the city of knowledge. The intention of the programme is to give young international scientists access to Salzburg's knowledge institutions, to promote sustainable networking and thus to initiate and carry out new projects. Up to ten scholarships will be awarded for 2024. The duration of a stay is one month.