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April 29, 2024

Startup Fellows: Support for innovation and entrepreneurship

Since its opening in 2016, the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences Startup Centre - as part of the ‘Startup Salzburg’ initiative - has been the first point of contact for students and graduates interested in starting a business. The startups at the FH Salzburg are just as diverse and interdisciplinary as the study opportunities. Young founders with promising projects are given special support as ‘FHStartup Fellows’.

Studierende vor dem FHStartup Center

Students, researchers and graduates of the FH Salzburg have access to a wide range of start-up-related services. In addition to providing expertise, advice and events, the FHStartup Centre offers a wide range of formats. The most promising projects become so-called ‘FHStartup Fellows’ and benefit from individual mentoring sessions, the provision of infrastructure and networking with experts and strategic advisors.

‘Through individual support, we get start-up ideas, innovations and companies going in order to accelerate their development and pave the way for successful entrepreneurial paths,’ explains Andreas Rissaweg, Head of the FHStartup Centre.

The selected talents not only receive individual support, but also access to a comprehensive network of mentors, investors and industry partners.

Three new FHStartup Fellows

The following three start-ups - from the fields of technology, EdTech and e-sports - have recently become ‘FHStartup Fellows’:

„Virtual Visions“

Virtual Vision's mission is to fully utilise the potential of virtual reality technology to help companies make their processes more cost-efficient, user-friendly and modern. They offer solutions for training, education and process optimisation in virtual environments. Their aim is to make a lasting change to the world of work by developing innovative VR applications.


Aimcademy develops science-based training software for gamers. Similar to traditional sports, gamers are constantly striving to improve. In contrast to traditional sports, there are currently no effective and adequate training options in gaming. Aimcademy tackles this problem. They utilise sports science findings and adapt them to e-sports. In doing so, they are taking training in gaming to the next level.


The founders Stefan Rieser and Robert Pollmeier both come from the Master's degree programme in Business Informatics. TeachingBud is an application for creating AI-based teaching materials. The aim is to facilitate individualised support for students and reduce preparation time. They are currently developing their idea further in the FACTORY, Startup Salzburg's incubation programme.

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