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May 27, 2022

Students succeed in international creative competitions

This year's month of May will remain unforgettable for some students of the FH Salzburg MultiMedia degree programmes. With works from the fields of communication design, film, animation and computer games, they triggered a veritable shower of prizes at several nationally and internationally important creative competitions. The highlight was a glamorous award ceremony in New York.

Josef Schinwald (hinten links), Fachbereichsleiter für Computeranimation an der FH Salzburg, hat die siegreichen Studierenden zur Preisverleihung des Young Ones Award in New York begleitet.
Translate to English: Josef Schinwald, Fachbereichsleiter für Computeranimation, hat die siegreichen Studierenden zur Preisverleihung des Young Ones Award nach New York begleitet (c) A. Hisa

One could not wish for a more fitting completion of their MultiMediaArt studies for Fabian Heller and Karen Kircher: The design duo has been literally showered with prizes at several competitions.

Translate to English: Die beiden MultiMediaArt-Studierenden Karen Kircher und Fabian Heller haben mir ihren Kommunikationsdesign-Projekten mehrere internationale Preise in Gold, Silber und Bronze gewonnen.
Translate to English: Die glücklichen Gewinner am Times Square in New York (c) FH Salzburg/ S. Grall

With their project "Connected Patterns" - part of a Welcome Kit for refugees - the two won a Golden Cube at the "Young Ones Award" of the "One Club for Creativity" in New York. The two were also among the front runners at the "Talent Award" of the Art Directors Club for Germany (ADC). In addition to one silver and one bronze nail each, they received an ADC nail in gold for their project "KNOB", a design tool for the automated creation of graphic design layouts.

FH Salzburg in 6th place in the worldwide creative ranking

Student Jonas Perkmann is also one of the big winners. The filmmaker was honoured at the Young Ones Award for his entire creative portfolio. In the ranking of the world's best creative universities of the "One Club for Creativity", the FH Salzburg thus ranks a sensational 6th place. 

But it was not only in New York that the creatives of the FH Salzburg were represented among the best. The current series of successes includes victories and awards in several national and international creative competitions: 

  • 1 x gold, 3 x silver and 4 x bronze at the Young Ones Student Award. 
  • 1 x gold, 2 x silver, 9 x bronze at the ADC Talent Award 
  • 1 x silver and 3 x bronze at the CCA Student of the Year Award 
  • 1 x gold and 1 x silver at the International Business Film Festival 
  • 1 x Gold, 1 x Silver and 1 x Bronze at the Commercial Film and Music Award 
  • 1 x Explorer Award at the A MAZE. Computer Games Festival 

The list of successes of the FH Salzburg

Young Ones Award
The "One Club for Creativity" in New York is one of the world's largest creative clubs and organises the "Young Ones Award", one of the world's most renowned competition programmes for students from the fields of advertising, digital communication and design. The award ceremony took place on 16 May in the Sony Hall in New York. The winning projects include a total of 8 works by MultiMediaArt students: 

  • Golden Cube for "Connected Patterns".  
  • Silver Cubes for the computer animation "The Last Invention", the design project "Open Access in a pocket" and the spot "Pure Happiness". 
  • Bronze Cubes for the illustration "Mirrorshard-Chronicles", the spot "Mach Mal", the animated film "Daughter" and the festival design "Creativity Rules 2.0". 
  • Student Jonas Perkmann was awarded for his overall portfolio. 

ADC Talent Award 
With the Talent Award, the Art Directors Club Germany (ADC) honours young creatives for outstanding communication and design achievements. The winners of the competition were celebrated on 19 May at the Award Show in Hamburg. The winning projects of the FH Salzburg are:  

Golden Nail for "KNOB" in the category term papers. 
Silver Nail for "KNOB" in the category Concept 
Silver nail for "Generative Fashion 
Further 9 Bronze Nails and Awards 

International Business Film Days 
Every two years, the best productions from the corporate or business film industry in German-speaking countries are honoured at the International Business Film Days. The award ceremony of this year's competition took place on 19 May in Vienna. Students brought two Prix Victoria to Salzburg: 

  • Prix Victoria in Gold in the category Student Film for the animated film "Daughter".   
  • Prix Victoria in Silver for the commercial "Head Gravity". 

CCA Venus Award 
The CCA Venus Award honours the best ideas of the Austrian communication industry and puts their creators in the spotlight. The award ceremony took place on 19 May in Vienna. Students of the FH Salzburg won:  

  • Silver Student of the Year for the social awareness spot "Mach Mal". 
  • Bronze Student of the Year for "Our Friendship", "JUNK(IES)" and "KNOB". 

Commercial Film & Music Award 
The new award for the Austrian commercial film and music industry honours not only the production companies and producers, but also the service providers and creatives of the film and music industry in 11 categories. The organiser is the Fachvertretung Film- und Musikwirtschaft OÖ. The winning projects were presented on 28 April in Linz. Among the award winners are:  

  • Gold Best Newcomer for the animated film "Daughter".   
  • Silver Best Newcomer for the clip "Who am I? 
  • Bronze Best Newcomer for the social awareness spot "Mach Mal". 

A Maze Award 
The A MAZE. Festival in Berlin is one of the oldest and most internationally renowned festivals for computer game art and indie games. The VR computer game "We Are One" by the Salzburg-based developer studio "Flat Head Studio" celebrated its festival premiere there. The prototype of the innovative game was developed as a final project by students of MultiMediaTechnology and MultiMediaArt, who founded a start-up after completing their studies. At the Award Show on 17 May in Berlin, they received the 

  • Explorer Award for the VR computer game "We Are One".