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March 07, 2024

Top image for the FH Salzburg in the Industriemagazin ranking

In the current ranking of Austrian universities of applied sciences, which is carried out annually by Industriemagazin, Salzburg University of Applied Sciences moves up from 14th place (2023) to an outstanding 5th place in the ranking for image.

The ranking was carried out by "" in spring 2024; around 200 managers from various Austrian companies were surveyed and were able to rate the universities of applied sciences according to the school grading system. They were asked about the awareness of each university of applied sciences as well as the image of the educational institutions.

Big leap forward: from 14th to 5th place in the industry magazine ranking

What quality is attributed to the various educational institutions in the companies? Which graduates give a good impression in terms of knowledge and application? These questions were asked in the ranking. Salzburg University of Applied Sciences was able to make a big leap in this respect, improving from 14th to 5th place compared to the previous year. UAS Rector and Managing Director Dominik Engel is also pleased with this development: "We are proud that the FH Salzburg has moved up from 14th to 5th place in the ranking. This improvement reflects the quality of our educational programmes and the outstanding performance of our students, lecturers and staff."

The good performance of the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences confirms the successful work of the university and emphasises its role as an important player in the educational landscape. It is proof of the commitment of the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences to prepare its students in the best possible way for the demands of the labour market and to make a sustainable contribution to the economic development of the region. With a wide range of practice-oriented degree programmes and an excellent reputation in cooperation with business and industry, the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences has managed to secure a place at the top.

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