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October 09, 2023

Viktoria Müllner receives Dr. Maria Schaumayer Prize

Viktoria Müllner, a Master's graduate from Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and researcher in the Retailization 4.0 research project, was awarded the prestigious Dr. Maria Schaumayer Prize for her Master's thesis entitled "Digitalization of stationary retail: risk or opportunity?". The aim of the thesis was to identify suitable technologies to strengthen the competitiveness of stationary retail.

As part of the study, the young researcher focused on the perception of electronic price tags by consumers and examined the resulting motivations, attitudes, behaviors and intentions. The thesis was written at the academic area of Marketing under the supervision of FH-Prof. Dr. Robert Zniva.

The Dr. Maria Schaumayer Foundation, named after the former president of the Austrian National Bank, was established in 1991 to encourage women to advance confidently in (academic) leadership positions. The foundation serves solely academic purposes, with the focus on promoting women for leadership positions, particularly on the basis of outstanding academic achievements.

The award for Viktoria Müllner's Master's thesis is not only a recognition of her own achievements, but also an important step towards the promotion of women in science and business. We warmly congratulate the award winner!