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October 10, 2022

More than 80 incoming students from 34 countries welcomed at the FH Salzburg

A total of 83 students from 34 different countries will spend the current semester at the FH Salzburg. 4 more have extended their stay at the FH Salzburg. However, Salzburg students are also taking advantage of the opportunity for international mobility: 76 students of the UAS will spend the winter semester abroad.

With the start of the new academic year, the International Office welcomed the "incoming students". In order for the students to get to know the SUAS, their colleagues and the surrounding area better, the International Office team organizes numerous activities as part of the Welcome Days. These took place at both the Urstein and Kuchl campuses. The program included information events, an excursion to the Gollinger Waterfall and a joint visit to the dance and traditional costume evening at the Kirchenwirt in Puch.

Kevin Bailey, Mobility Coordinator at the International Office, confirms that the international students like it in Salzburg: "In the first three weeks of the winter semester, four incoming students have already decided to extend their stay for the summer semester because they feel so comfortable here!"

Sustainable exchange: Green Travel Mobility

The Erasmus+ program and the International Office support sustainability in the context of mobilities. Kevin Bailey: "In the winter semester, we have noticed an increased use of Green Travel Mobility. For the summer semester, we expect a further increase." Green Travel refers to travel that uses low-emission modes of transportation such as bus, rail, or carpooling for the majority of the trip. About 15 outgoing students and 10 incoming students have received the "Green Travel" grant.

Sustainability is playing an increasingly important role in the International Office: further impetus and measures are being taken as part of the "Erasmus Without Papers Initiative". For example, the processing of mobilities is to become "paperless" as far as possible. 

Ernst Mach Scholarship

In addition to the European exchange programs, there are also other possibilities for exchanges. One of these is the Ernst Mach Scholarship. This is aimed in particular at students and young scientists who would like to come to Austria for a research or study visit. The scholarship program is financed by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF). 

The FH Salzburg is proud to welcome nine incoming students this academic year, who can be supported by the Ernst Mach Scholarship. This is almost four times as many as in previous years. 

Gaining experience abroad

A total of 76 students of the FH Salzburg are in European and international countries and will spend a semester or academic year at one of the more than 160 partner universities.

However, there is also an offer for students who cannot be as mobile internationally: At the FH Salzburg, the International Office organizes a "Buddy Student Program" every semester: Here, students support an incoming student as a "buddy" in various activities. This offer is part of the "Internationalization at home" activities and makes it possible to acquire intercultural competence and establish contacts on site.

Kevin Bailey: "This nice success is only possible because of the good support of all departments and the colleagues. Therefore, we say thank you for the great cooperation!"