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February 09, 2022

Reduced shapes - increased creativity

MultiMediaArt graduate, independent illustrators, friends. That describes the creative duo Birgit Palma and Daniel Triendl. The two FH Salzburg graduates have jointly designed the first issue of the magazine "warum!" for their "alma mater".

Birgit Palma und Daniel Triendl
Translate to English: Birgit Palma und Daniel Triendl © Freunde von Freunden
Tyrol - Salzburg - New York - Barcelona - Graz

One has just returned, the other hasn't left yet. "We met after I returned from my internship in New York at the final presentation at the FH," remembers Birgit Palma, who was born in Tyrol. At the time, she was studying MultiMediaArt at the FH Salzburg and had found a design studio - the Vault49 - for her 3-month compulsory internship in the Big Apple. Back in their studies, the "higher semesters" report to the other years about their practical experiences. "Doing the internship at an agency in New York was also my dream," says Daniel Triendl from Salzburg. He also put his plans into action and applied to the design agency in New York.

After completing his Master's degree, Daniel worked for a year at buero bauer in Vienna. However, he was drawn back to the USA, where he worked in the metropolis for two more years and gained work experience in design and illustration. During this time, the young Salzburg artist's list of awards was already growing: among them a Joseph Binder Award, the Salzburg State Prize, a win at TDC 62 and the CCA Award.

In the meantime, Birgit Palma had moved to Spain, where she worked as an art director at Vasava, a design and illustration studio in Barcelona. It was there that she discovered her penchant for lettering. She finds inspiration for her creative work almost everywhere: on journeys, in different places, in culture, architecture, design and nature.

Teamwork makes the dream work. Also digitally.

They both realised very early on that they are good together - both as people and as designers. In numerous projects, they were able to use their creativity and each other's strengths by working together. Both share an enthusiasm for illustration and the visual worlds it opens up. The results speak for themselves. "We see our work as approaching - as a process that we have developed and optimised over the years. We both start with ideas and sketches, exchange them and then continue working on the best ideas - digital ping-pong," the two illustrators report. Birgit adds: "Illustrations have a lot of power. They tell stories - even without having read the accompanying text." Each illustration is unique, yet their extraordinary style is clearly recognisable in their work.

Birgit Palma and Daniel Triendl have perfected digital collaboration across national borders and time zones - and not just since the Corona pandemic. In the process, they have created tools and flexible processes for themselves and optimised the workflow. "In the meantime, many things have become detached from geographical location. It no longer matters where you sit or work," Birgit is convinced.