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March 20, 2023

Strengthening the institutional collaboration between Berjaya University College in Malaysia and FH Salzburg

A bilateral agreement for student exchange between the Tourism and Hospitality Management pro-gram at Berjaya University College in Kuala Lumpur and the Innovation and Management in tourism program at the FH Salzburg has existed since 2010. This project aims to intensify the institutional collaboration in the field of tourism education, specifically in Culinary Tourism, Innovation and Prod-uct Development, and sustainable internationalization-at-home.

Translate to English: FH Geschäftsführer Dominik Engel, Studiengangsleiterin Eva Brucker und International Departmental Coordinator Amelie Arrer hießen die Delegation aus Kuala Lumpur herzlich willkommen.

In February 2023, the two lecturers Werner Taurer and Rüdiger Niemz from FH Salzburg were able to travel to Kuala Lumpur in order to teach students at Berjaya University College about Food & Tourism in Austria (the Alpine region) and Product & Development. Just a few weeks later at the beginning of March, the Innovation & Management in Tourism program was happy to welcome Dr. Chung Jee Fenn, Dr. Chris Ong Siew Har and Nabila Mohd Yunus from Berjaya University College in Salzburg.

The programme comprised of meet & greets with university officials, in-depth meetings about future collaboration with the international office, an Internationalisation at Home strategy workshop, a multitude of teaching activities and excursions in order to get to know Salzburg and its surroundings from a touristic perspective and traditional Austrian cuisine.

One of the highlights was the teaching activity and live cooking event by Dr. Chris Ong Sie Har and Nabila with the tourism students of TS Klessheim, including a tasting for students of the FH Salzburg course “Food & Tourism” as well as project members & friends. Moreover, the workshop concerning strategies for Internationalization at Home with Dr. Chung Jee Fenn sparked interesting ideas and conversation for future activities within the international circle of the FH Salzburg. A very special highlight was also the exclusive tour of the Döllerer Genusswelten, with a look behind the scenes of the fine-dining restaurant, the tavern, the wine store & enoteca, their very own garden and more. The award-winning chef and pioneer of alpine cuisine Andreas Döllerer gave his insights and thought-process in product development, creating experiences and per-haps most importantly sustainability through working with what the region has to offer in the appropriate seasons.

The final mobilities will be realized at the end of the Spring semester, in which two of our students will be travelling to Kuala Lumpur and will be doing an internship at a resort hotel.