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July 14, 2023

Summerschool: Digitalization in Fields of Social Work and Health Promotion

This year's 25th International Summer School Berlin with the topic "Digitalization in Fields of Social Work and Health Promotion" took place from 1st-7th of July 2023 at the Alice Salomon University Berlin.

Translate to English: Studierende des 2. Semesters des Bachelors Soziale Arbeit der FH Salzburg nahmen an der internationalen Summer School in Berlin teil.

The event was hosted by the European-Institute for Social and Health Research & the Department Applied Social Sciences, FH Salzburg. Students of the part-time BA Social Work, 2nd semester took part in the joint summer school.

In several seminars, workshops, excursions and with experts, the rapid development of digitalisation - its risks, opportunities and limits - was discussed and how it influences the fields of social work and health education was examined.

International experience for part-time students

Students from Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Great Britain, Slovenia, South Corea and Switzerland were part of this summer school. Besides the academic program we explored the capital city of Germany - Berlin, as a part of sightseeing tours and student-get togethers. It was a wonderful international experience, especially for part-time students.