Academic Calendar 2020/21

Academic Calendar 2020/21
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Enacted from Rectorate and University Management on 20th May 2020.

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Dates for instructional courses, examination and instruction-free sessions1

Academic Calendar: Winter Semester 2019/20
Beginning of semester: 31.08.2020
Beginning of tuition for work-based study programmes1:  31.08.2020 (CW 36)
Beginning of tuitionfor full-time study programmes2:  31.08.2020 (CW 36)
Christmas break3:  24.12.2020 – 06.01.2021
End of tuition4:   06.02.2021 (CW 5)
Semester break3:  08. 02. 2021 – 21.02.2021
End of semester:  07.02.2021
Summer Semester 2021
Beginning of semester:  08.02.2021
Beginning of tuition2:  22.02.2021 (CW 8)
Easter break3:  Palm Sunday (28.03.2021) - Easter Monday (05.04.2021)
End of tuition3/4:  10.07.2021  (CW 27)
Summer break3/4:  11.07. 2021 - 12.09.2021
End of semester:  31.10.2021
Every semester: Registration deadline for later initial date5:2 weeks before the respective early initial date

1  In exceptional cases the rectorate and university management can make changes.

2  The beginning of tuition in Winter Semester or in Summer Semester can start at an ealier or a later date depending on the degree programme and will be announced by the degree programme.

3 In exceptional cases tution is allowed before Christmas Break at thursday, 23rd december 2020 until 5.45 pm, during the Semester and Easter Break and during Summer Break until 31st July 2021. Written examinations, re-takes, submission dates, interships can also take place. 

The end of tuition can terminate at an earlier date depending on the degree programme and will be announced by the degree programme.

With courses of instruction which require examinations for completion, a choice can be made between an early and a later initial date. Registration for the late initial date takes place in the Degree Programme Office. The deadline stated above is compulsory. The date for the laster initial date is stated from the Degree Programme.

Graduation dates for the FH Salzburg6

Year 2020
Tuesday, November 10th - Thursday, November 12th 2020

6 Students can find out exact dates and times from the Degree Programme Administration. The Rector reserves the right to make alterations in exceptional cases.