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Salzburg University of Applied Sciences' R&D activities are interdisciplinary and application-oriented, and our co-operation partners greatly prize the university's research- and innovation-friendly environment. Our innovative strength comes from our researchers' groundbreaking ideas, their established presence within the scientific community, our first-rate laboratory facilities, efficient infrastructure and diverse research areas, which in turn makes us an attractive research partner.

What we offer

Many of our R&D projects are commissioned research. This means that our researchers work closely with companies and help to promote the process of innovation within these businesses. The Innovation Check and Innovation Check plus programmes run by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) offer an easy way for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) to carry out R&D activities with an innovative research partner like Salzburg University of Applied Sciences.

Another option is a cooperative partnership in sponsored applied research. In this kind of partnership, companies and Salzburg University of Applied Sciences work together on an R&D project, contributing their own individual expertise. Grant programmes for cooperative partnerships offer funding that is restricted or unrestricted to specific topics. Some examples include COIN Cooperation and Networks and the BRIDGE programme (both run by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency) or Josef Ressel Centres (operated by the Christian Doppler Research Association). Which grant programme is selected depends on the project and key parameters such as research topic, duration, scope, type of cooperation, etc. The Research Coordination Office is able to offer advice on choosing the right funding instrument.

Private research grants are also available through Salzburg University of Applied Sciences fundraising. A modular system enables the right service to be chosen for the aim and budget of the project in question. For instance, financial sponsorship can be received on the basis of a specific research project and prizes can be awarded for particular research achievements or student projects.

Are you interested in a research partnership with Salzburg University of Applied Sciences?

If you are interested in a research partnership with Salzburg University of Applied Sciences or sponsoring research at the university, we would love to hear from you.

The Salzburg University of Applied Sciences R&D website lists the different research projects being undertaken at SUAS.

Our Research Coordination Office can also help put you in touch with the right contact.

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