Seed Phase

Create, Reflect and Get Trained

A) Coaching


Do you have any questions about your proposal? Would you like to discuss potential applications for your idea with somebody? Do you have any unresolved questions about founding your own startup? Are you looking for a sparring partner who you can discuss the conceptual design, development and management of your projects with? The FHStartup Center offers one-to-one support on how to develop concepts and application scenarios through individual ideaCHECK sessions

It's often not sustainable to compete on the basis of having a good idea or being the first to use a new technology alone. Get advice from experienced experts on how to transform your ideas into a company and products that will be successful over the long term. 

In an idea-check session with a FHStartup Center representative you can discuss your concepts and vision. 

As a first basis for the check an idea draft is recommended!

Important:  You can register directly online or ask for an alternative date  by emailing 

B) Ideation & Scouting

Canvas Session 

If your concet is already more advanced, you can present your proposal in form of a poster (Canvas) to the Startup Center in the context of an ideaCHECK and receive valuable feedback. 

You can present your proposal on a poster (canvas) and receive valuable feedback from the FHStartup center. The canvas session is a first step in considering skills creation, design, validation, iteration and visual communication for your ideas. 

Gather together your thoughts on the following before the session: 

  • Value proposition  
  • Customer segments 
  • Channels 
  • Customer relationships 
  • Revenue streams

Here you can find a template, which includes some prompts that will help you to design the initial concept for your idea. Are you ready for the whole business model canvas then use following link

After a week, you can get feedback from your fellow students, lecturers and the startup community and integrate this feedback into your plan during the discussions that follow. 

You can also make a valuable contribution to the work of your fellow students too by giving them feedback.

IdeaUP! Competition

The aim of the IdeaUP! Competition is to find, develop and motivate many original and innovative startup and business ideas from the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences. The IdeaUP! Competition helps participants to check the potential from their idea, the final project, the bachelor or master thesis, to the business idea. 

  • Does the idea offer a distinctive customer and user benefit? 
  • Does it have corresponding unique selling points?
  • What opportunities and risks are to be found on the way to implementation?

What is expected is not a mature business plan, but a short and precise presentation of the ideas from all courses of study and disciplines.

C) Training

Our Entrepreneurship ABCs are university-wide training courses that focus specifically on startup foundation and communicating entrepreneurial know-how to help get your growth-oriented company up and running. 

Our range of workshops put you in touch with experienced startup founders, companies and coaches from entrepreneurial practice and enhance your understanding of entrepreneurship. You work together with them on the following topics: 

  • Business model generation
  • Multichannel marketing: strategy and design
  • Market analysis & market research 
  • Ideation & design thinking 
  • From idea to product 
  • Protecting and using your intellectual property 
  • Financing: who is who and why?
  • Financing for innovative companies, investment
  • Public funding: funding from public authorities 
  • Formalities when founding a company (and other little annoyances)

Get trained!