Fellow "Alphaport"

"Content – as and where you need it"

Mission: Alphaport‘s origins lie in multimedia programming, with the three shareholders combining a wide range of technical know-how acquired from their many years of programming experience. In addition to infoscreen solutions, Alphaport is also working on ContentFlair – a system that uses automated processing of data from various data sources with subsequent content generation (e.g. video compositions from topic-related videos or images including descriptive texts) for multimedia output and information systems. This greatly reduces the additional administrative work for the customer by maintaining data sources.

Team: Daniel Antlinger, MSc, Shareholder, Operator | Thomas Schey, MSc, Shareholder, Visualization Solutions | Christian Mayr, MSc, Shareholder, Web Applications, App Development
Sebastian Geschke, MSc | First Employee - Developer
Origin: MultimediaTechnology
More Informations: www.alphaport.at
Contact: office@alphaport.at | +43 664 87 03 137