Fellow "Audvice"

‘The first audio learning tool your employees will actually use’

Mission: Audvice is an audio-based learning & collaboration tool with which knowledge can be shared better and faster. Originally started as a B2C student platform, Audvice has developed into a scalable B2B SaaS solution that is now in use at two Fortune500 companies. The best of Spotify and Voice Recording is combined in an intuitive mobile app to perfectly implement a collaborative microlearning approach and thus enable everyone to share their knowledge. Without having to have a clue about podcasting, hosting & conversion or file formats, or a range of different tools. Audvice is mainly used in sales, key account management and operations and is used for more efficient onboarding, training and meetings.

Team: Sophie Bolzer, MSc., CEO 
Origin: MultimediaTechnology & external
More Informations: www.audvice.com
Contact: hello@audvice.com | Tel: +43 664 544 2228

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