Fellow "Barkinsulation"

"Insulating containers for the food industry made from the regional high-tech raw material tree bark"

Mission: For barkinsulation, understanding concepts of nature and developing products with care and consideration is not just an advertising slogan. A tree’s bark protects it from cold and frost in winter as well as from heat in summer. Combine this with the fact that the average bark content of a tree is 10% and that this enormous amount of raw material is rarely processed at a higher level, you can see how barkinsulation’s product idea was born. barkinsulation want to demonstrate the great potential of native tree bark as a sustainable insulation material with their thermal vessels.

Team: Bernhard Lienbacher, BSc | Marco Morandini, BSc
Origin: Forest Products Technology & Management
More Informations: www.barkinsulation.com
Contact: office@barkinsulation.com  | Tel: +43 6769664360