Fellow "Native Waves"

"Immersive & Personalised Entertainment"

Mission: NativeWaves delivers an engaging and immersive media experience to audiences around the world, especially when it comes to live sports. Broadcasting today is like a one-way street. The broadcaster sends a signal and the viewer only sees what has been broadcasted without the opportunity to enjoy a different perspective of the game, although sporting events are recorded by many cameras. This means that a lot of what has already been captured is simply wasted. Using the latest technology, NativeWaves offers easy-to-use, advanced streaming solutions for the broadcast, esports and live entertainment industries to reliably deliver multiple streams of video, audio and data content in perfect synchronization, resulting in a first-class, personalized viewer experience enabled.

Team: Christof Haslauer, MSc., CTO | Oliver Dumböck, MSc., Head of Engineering
Origin: Information Technology & Systems Management
More Informations: http://www.nativewaves.com/
Contact: contact@nativewaves.com | facebook.com/nativewavesapp