Fellow "Native Waves"

"Seamless Personal Entertainment"

Mission: NativeWaves provides broadcasters with technological innovations that enable them to deliver next-level personalised experiences to their audiences especially when it relates to live sports. Broadcasting today is a one-way street. The broadcaster sends a signal and the viewer watches what is sent without the option to enjoy a different perspective of the game. Today, multiple cameras capture a sporting event however only one camera angle is used for broadcast at any one time. This means that a huge amount of content that has already been captured is being simply wasted. NativeWaves technological solutions empowers broadcasters to deliver this extra content and engage their viewers by allowing them to select the view they want and have a personalised viewing experience.

Team: Christof Haslauer, MSc., CTO | Oliver Dumböck, MSc., Head of Engineering
Origin: Information Technology & Systems Management
More Informations: http://www.nativewaves.com/
Contact: contact@nativewaves.com | facebook.com/nativewavesapp