Fellow "Salt Castle Studios" / Chapeau

"Creating awesome games that bring people together" 

Mission: Salt Castle Studio develops interactive media and games with innovative game design. The young and ambitious company, which is based in Salzburg, Austria, focuses on agile and iterative development processes to ensure high-quality gaming experiences for end users. Salt Castle Studio currently produces two in-house productions for the PC and Nintendo Switch platforms. This includes, among others, the fancy multiplayer hat game ‘Chapeau’. With ‘Chapeau’, the studio wants to gain a foothold in the international gaming market and to use Salzburg as a location for game development. Thanks to funny Hutch characters as well as fast, action-packed games, a family-friendly appearance and exciting multiplayer functionalities, they firmly believe in the success of their game.

Team: Mathias Lillich, Artist | Stefan Schwab, Developer | Gregor Kirchhofer, Producer | Tom Langer, Developer | Lukas Wagner, Artist  
Origin: MultiMediaTechnology & MultiMediaArt
More Informations: www.chapeau-game.com
Contact: Contact@chapeau-game.com | +43 660 5798228