Fellow "sproof"

"Securing Digital Documents"

Mission: sproof is the interface to the blockchain and revolutionises the use of decentralised technologies for the secure management of digital documents and data. Without knowledge of blockchain and decentralised technologies, with a few lines of code any company can use the blockchain for data registration. We provide a simple API and abstract the complex underlying technologies for decentralised, authenticated data registration and storage. This provides a simple interface designed for developers to integrate into existing IT infrastructure. Every company organisation can digitise its existing processes or develop new business models. Typical applications range from digital ID cards to personal digital document folders.

Team: Clemens Brunner, CEO | Erich Hopoldseder, CFO | Fabian Knirsch, CTO
Origin: Information Technology & Systems Management, Center for Secure Energy Informatics
More Informations: www.sproof.io
Contact: +43 664 52 66 038 | office@sproof.io