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Portrait of: FH-Prof. MMag. Dr. Eibl Günther

FH-Prof. MMag. Dr.
Günther Eibl

Senior Lecturer, Center for Secure Energy Informatics
Senior Lecturer, Information Technology & Systems Management
Location: Campus Urstein
Room: Urstein - 421


AISE-M | 3. WS 2019 | Data Mining | IL
ITS-M | 1. WS 2019 | R&D Project 1 | PT
ITS-M | 3. WS 2019 | Data Mining | IL
ITSB-B | 1. WS 2019 | Applied Mathematics 1 | IL
ITSB-M | 3. WS 2019 | Data Mining | IL


Teaching (50%)

  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Data Mining

Research (50%)

  • Deputy head of the center for secure energy informatics
  • Research interest: Privacy in the smart grid with 2 main parts

    Privacy analyses

    analyze the information that can be obtained from load profiles using primarily methods from machine learning, statisticsor whatever is useful

    Privacy enhancing technologies

  • Here, the focus in the past was on privacy-preserving data aggregation using homomorphic encryption, masking, differential privacy and wavelet analysis.
  • Now the focus shifts to (i) tariffs and privacy-preserving price calculation and (ii) application of methods in order strictly proof privacy-preserving properties of proposed privacy-preserving protocols.



  • MSc in mathematics (numerics thesis)
  • MSc in physics (plasma physics simulation thesis)
  • PhD in machine learning (multiclass boosting thesis)