(c) Andreas Catucci

In our Realtime Art & Visual Effects program, students embark on a transformative journey with Generative AI, starting with mastering effective prompting techniques for AI systems. This foundational skill is crucial for crafting detailed and nuanced visual effects and animations. As the program unfolds, students progress to integrating these AI-generated elements seamlessly with industry-standard tools like Houdini and Unreal Engine, optimizing production workflows and enhancing creative outputs. The culmination of this learning journey is a deep dive into experimental applications of the latest AI technologies, pushing the boundaries of conventional digital storytelling. This comprehensive skill development, from basic AI understanding to advanced experimentation, prepares our students to lead and innovate in the ever-evolving realm of digital art and visual effects.


  • toolchain / AI / Prompt Engineering 
  • toolchain / AI / Implementation
  • toolchain / AI / Experiments