Degree programme "Smart Buildings in Smart Cities"

The aim of the Master's programme "Smart Buildings in Smart Cities - Energy Infrastructure and District Renovation" is to meet the needs of increasingly networked-thinking engineers in the fields of building and district renovation and integrated energy systems. In doing so a special focus is put on the interaction between technology and energy with regards to nature, people and the environment.

Educational Objectives
On completion of the programme, you have the know-how in all aspects of Smart Cities at your disposal, as well as expertise in energy infrastructure, building and district regeneration. The socio-communicative and economic skills that you acquired over the duration of the course of study make it possible for you to carry out project-oriented and team-oriented tasks, and implement and evaluate global projects relating to all areas of Smart Cities.

Upon graduation, you have the opportunity to start a PhD at a Technical University either at home or abroad. The degree programme is closely connected to and exchanges knowledge and information with the degree programmes in Forest Products Technology & Timber Construction, as well as the degree programme in Information Technology and Systems Management.