Career Paths

Your career opportunities as an orthoptist

Graduates who have completed the Orthoptics bachelor degree programme are authorised to practice as orthoptists.

Orthoptists can be employed as individuals or freelancers.

  • Cooperation with doctors independently working in the fields of diagnostics, therapy, rehabilitation and prevention of vision disorders, squints, amblyopia and ocular motility disorders, either as generalists or in fields with a highly specialised scope of functions (specialists)
  • As counsellors for informational and educational work, especially in preventive medicine
  • As internship coordinators or contract teachers of orthoptics, as well as positions in research and development

Job opportunities:

  • Eye care units and specialised wards in hospitals and outpatient clinics
  • with ophthalmologists
  • Rehabilitation centres
  • Institutions for the partially sighted or blind
  • Institutions providing pension schemes (mass screening for eyes, occupational medicine)