New Master's degree programmes at FH Salzburg

The Salzburg University of Applied Sciences is expanding its course portfolio with 4 new Master's degree programmes

Whether it's data science, cyber security, artificial intelligence, robotics or virtual production: Salzburg University of Applied Sciences offers in-depth Master's degree courses with individual specialization options and top job opportunities.

From the 2024/25 academic year, FH Salzburg will be offering four new Master's degree programs: Cyber Security, AI for Sustainable Technologies, Industrial Informatics & Robotics and Realtime Art & Visual Effects*. Three of the new, specialized Master's courses will be offered in part-time mode. Also new from 2024: the existing Master's in MultiMediaTechnology will be offered part-time and in English.

Industrial Informatics & Robotics

The fourth industrial revolution means that the demand for specialists in the field of industrial informatics and robotics is constantly growing. In the Master's degree programme, students acquire comprehensive knowledge of computer science and information technologies, software and systems engineering, mechatronics and robotics, both in an industrial environment and for implementation in smart everyday systems.

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AI for Sustainable Technologies

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science are technologies that are highly pervasive in our areas of life and work. The "AI for Sustainable Technologies" degree programme therefore focuses on the sustainable and future-proof integration of AI systems in society and the economy.

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Cyber Security

Cyber security has become massively more important in recent years. In order to train specialists who are in high demand in this field, the Master's degree in Cyber Security will be available at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences from fall 2024.

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Realtime Arts & Visual Effects

The Masters programme "Realtime Art & Visual Effects" creates an outstanding synergy between design and technology and focuses on real-time graphics, procedural image design and the integration of AI-supported working methods.

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* subject to approval by the relevant bodies

Further Master's degrees in IT and Creative Technologies

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