Cyber Security (Master)

starting fall 2024/25: Cyber Security Master Degree Programme

Start your career as a cyber security expert now: In the new and in the region unique Master's degree programme in Cyber Security, we focus on operational security and thus on the practice-oriented implementation of IT and network security: you will deal with strategies and measures for the protection of IT systems, networks, company data and critical infrastructure. You will also deal with legal and human factors influencing cyber security.

Study mode: part-time
Degree awarded: Diplomingenieur/In (DI)
Length of study: 4 semesters (120 ECTS)
Study places per year: 15 part-time
Location: Urstein Campus
Language of instruction: German (approx. 45 percent of the courses are held in English)
Tuition: € 363,- per semester + Euro 24.70 student union fee per semester
Teaching times: Planned as follows:
  • one afternoon from 15:15 (Mon or Tue or Wed, but always the same day), maximum 6 units
  • Friday all day from 08:15 (max. 8 units, lunch break)
  •  on average every second Saturday all day (max. 8 units), with approx. 50 percent of these days taking place online - i.e. probably approx. 3 Saturdays on-site
  • In each semester there is a block week (Mon-Fri) in the middle of the semester (1st semester probably in November)
In the 3rd and 4th semester, the attendance time according to the curriculum is reduced from 20 SWS to approx. 17 SWS and 7 SWS respectively.
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Why a Master's degree in Cyber Security at the FH Salzburg?

Cyber security has become massively more important in recent years. Companies are increasingly exposed to threats and many have already fallen victim to hacker attacks. In addition to comprehensive technical measures, people are still one of the biggest weak points in cyber attacks.  The loss of data can be life-threatening. This is why securing IT systems is a key task for companies.

Operational security is at the heart of our IT training. In addition to knowledge about processes and strategies for protecting critical data and infrastructure, the course focuses on broad, well-founded and, above all, practical training. At the heart of this is the central attack defense simulation, which is intensively supervised in small groups.

As a Master's student, you will also be actively involved in the research focus areas of the Department of Information Technologies and Digitalisation and seek solutions to current scientific problems.

Key Points about the Master's Programme in Cyber Security

Our degree programme is aimed at people who, as experts in the field of cyber security with the academic title of "Diplomingenieur*in", would like to be responsible for the design and protection of IT systems and critical infrastructure. These skills can be used in companies in an implementation, advisory and management role.

In order to achieve this goal, you will deal intensively with strategies and measures for securing IT systems, networks, company data and critical infrastructure. At the same time, you will focus on the legal and human factors that influence cyber security. In combination with the technical content taught and the social and communication skills practiced, the central attack defense simulation, which is intensively supervised in small groups, enables realistic preparation for actual cyber attacks in the corporate environment. Skills of this kind are particularly in demand in this environment.

Job Outlook & Career

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Best Jobs

"Cybersecurity is no longer a competitive advantage or a necessary fulfillment of duty, but a vital necessity for companies. We need experts who can not only develop security strategies, but also react quickly and professionally to attacks."

DI (FH) Robert Lamprecht, MSc
Partner, Cybersecurity & Crisis Management, KPMG Austria

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Study Contents

The programme is therefore based on an engineering-based education and includes network and security technology, IT, mathematics and ethical aspects. You will also acquire entrepreneurial and social-communicative skills. We place particular emphasis on the following three key areas during the programme:

Focus areas

Operations Security

Whether a small company or a large corporation - a functioning IT and network infrastructure is essential for smooth day-to-day operations. The course therefore focuses on the design, commissioning and maintenance of such infrastructures. You will acquire the skills ... Read more


The core of the training is the central attack-defense simulation, which is intensively supervised in small groups and in which you will be confronted with a wide variety of attack and defense situations over the course of two semesters. You will learn how to prepare for these and receive structured feedback ... Read more

Human attack vector

In addition to technical vulnerabilities, humans are one of the biggest targets for cyber attacks. Through clever manipulation, such as disinformation campaigns or phishing attacks, criminals or state actors try to obtain information and data in a targeted manner. Read more


Find out more about the opportunities to study abroad in Europe and abroad during your IT Master's degree.

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