25 Years

Always ahead of time

Celebrate with us 25 years FH Salzburg! We are pleased about your visit on this site and invite you to read, look and continue to design the site with us.

25 years FH Salzburg - Always ahead of time

From the very beginning, research and teaching at the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg has been geared towards shaping the future. Or - to put it another way - to the question: in which world do you want to live tomorrow?

Today, the 3,200 students at the four locations of the FH Salzburg can choose from 18 Bachelor's and 12 Master's degree programs. After graduation, they can expect the best job prospects. They all shape our tomorrow.

We want to show this in a colorful picture made up of very personal stories.

We have invited many people who feel connected to the FH Salzburg to send us their personal FH Salzburg story; these are about 10,000 graduates, about 3,200 students and about 1,000 external lecturers, plus partners from politics, business and media.

FH Salzburg in 2020

Successful development since 1995

30 Degree Programmes

400 Employees

11000 Graduates

FH Salzburg 1995 - 2020

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