How it all started

Milestones on the way to an educational institution

Its history is a relatively young one. Its growth, however, is dynamic. And its significance for the business location and the regional health sector is enormous. After 25 years, it is impossible to imagine the educational landscape without the FH Salzburg. How it became what it is today: A source of inspiration, a source of management, a driver of innovation.

The year is 1995. 91 students are sitting in their first lectures at the new university. This is preceded by a new legal basis for the establishment of universities of applied sciences in Austria. In Salzburg, too, they are putting themselves in place. The LH-Stv. Arno Gasteiger, at that time responsible for the economic department, sees a unique opportunity:

"For many years, the business location had one major shortcoming: the lack of technical and economic education at university level. When the opportunity arises to remedy this deficiency, we will pull out all the stops".  Arno Gasteiger

With success and lasting effect, as it should be shown. Parallel also the association wood technical center Kuchl with the professional association of the wood industry for the new training system makes itself strong and to the conception of its own course of studies.