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September 19, 2022

Perfectionist when it comes to sound

While his colleagues in the MultiMediaArt programme were trying out sound installations and conceptual works to find their way, Nikodem Milewski already knew exactly what he wanted: to mix pop music and earn money with it.

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It only takes one note and Nikodem Milewski can name the music title. That was already the case as a child. The Salzburg native has an unmistakable feeling for sound and timbre. A talent that he wanted to make his profession. That was clear to him early on. Today he has a company for mixing, mastering and music production and is one of the most sought-after names in the scene - also internationally. For many singles and albums, he contributes in the background so that they conquer their places in the charts. He has already received gold, platinum or diamond records as well as several Amadeus Awards for his work. "I'm not interested in the past," says Nikodem pragmatically. But the future interests him all the more: "Someday I want a Grammy, too." Nikodem is sure that it is only a matter of time before he also has the Oscar of the music scene in his collection. He is extremely focused and determined. What Nikodem does is probably the dream of many young people who are passionate about music. He works with the music that others record and produce. He mixes and arranges this material to turn good productions into hits.

In the beginning, it was a tough business. "I had to fight for every job," remembers the music producer, who decided to study MultiMediaArt at the FH Salzburg after graduating from high school. The degree programme came closest to his idea of what he wanted to do professionally. After his bachelor's degree, he went on to study for a master's degree, but founded his own company in 2010 before graduating. His breakthrough came when he worked for the electronic duo Klangkarussell, whose album "Netzwerk" was at the top of the charts in German-speaking countries for weeks in 2014. "After that, people approached me with requests," says Nikodem. Since then, he has been able to pick and choose which assignments he takes on. He works with artists like Tokio Hotel, Julian Le Play, Sportfreunde Stiller, VIZE, GryfWin, Helene Fischer, Mighty Oaks, Felix Jaehn or Alice Merton.

Nikodem now lives in Vienna, travels a lot and has built up an international network. But he spends most of his time in the studio working: "I like to optimise a lot, not only on the music," he says about himself. That's why he's also constantly looking at how and where he can further his education and learn new things. Podcasts have become a passion. Much of what he does today he taught himself, Nikodem sums up. Nevertheless, he doesn't want to miss his MultiMediaArt studies at the FH Salzburg. It enabled him to look beyond the end of his nose. During his studies he learned to argue what he does. This allows him to contrast the artistic point of view with an objective perspective - something that always helps him when working with his clients.