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MultimediaArt is where art meets communication and aesthetics meet functionality. Be it in film, magazines, online, through ads, or in video games: we see multimedia design solutions every day. In our Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies, where graphics, moving images, interaction, and audio all come together, you will become a creatively confident and networked designer.

Study mode: full-time
Degree awarded: Bachelor of Arts in Arts and Design (BA)
Duration: 6 semesters / 180 ECTS
Study places per year: 70
Location: Campus Urstein
Language of instruction: German
Tuition: Tuition fee Euro 363,- per semester + Euro 24.70 student union fee per semester
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Why study a Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences?

Our Multimedia Arts degree combines all of the most important media disciplines into one course. Its comprehensive training gives you core competencies in graphics, motion picture, photography, interaction, and audio. Immerse yourself in the media world and become an expert in the conception and design of innovative ideas.

In addition to covering media history as well as art and media theory, you will also learn about the basics of project management, marketing, and media law during your studies.

Among others, our Bachelor's degree programme will provide skills in the following areas:

  • Dealing with impulses
  • Development of the creative-artistic person (perceive, understand, and think)
  • Interdisciplinary, interactive use of different media (computer animation, audio, film, media design)
  • Knowledge and application of analogue and digital state-of-the-art technology

Did you know? The creativity and competitiveness of our Multimedia Arts students have already been proven through numerous awards. Projects done by students of Salzburg University of Applied Sciences have been awarded the following: State Prize for Multimedia & eBusiness, the Animago Award, and the ADC Art Directors Club.

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Important aspects of our Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies

Study content and focus areas

Our Bachelor's degree programme covers all areas of modern communication design. From concept creation to typography and from project management to aesthetics, you will get a comprehensive overview of all the relevant disciplines.

After completing extensive basic studies during your first year, you will specialise in one of the following four disciplines:

  • Communication design: Interface design, 2D illustration, corporate design, typography, etc.
  • Computer animation: Concept art, 3D animation, producing, game art, etc.
  • Film: screenplay, directing, light, camera, production, etc.
  • Audio: studio engineering, composition, producing, audio post-production, etc.

Semester abroad

You have the chance to study abroad during your third semester. This means that through one of our partners, you can expand your knowledge of foreign languages as well as your intercultural skills.

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Job prospects & career

Art Director in an advertising agency. Video game designer. Film Director. Doing a Multimedia Arts degree at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences paves the way for numerous professional opportunities.

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How about a Master's degree? With our Master's degree in multimedia arts, you move forward in terms of professional specialisation.