Biomedical Sciences Laboratory

At the SALK location, the Biomedical Sciences degree programme has a laboratory that is used both for training students and for research purposes.

For example, standardised comparative measurements of various parameters in the fields of haematology, haemostaseology, clinical chemistry, immunology, cell culture and microbiology can be carried out here with internal and external quality controls.


  • Large laboratory equipment for analyses in the fields of haematology, haemostaseology, clinical chemistry and immunology
  • Conventional PCR and real-time PCR devices
  • Laminar Air Flow for sterile cell culture
  • -80° C and -20° C freezers and refrigerators for storing samples and reagents
  • Biobank and network for the procurement of sample material for testing and comparative measurements
  • Microbiological biobank
  • Fluorescence microscope
  • Inverted microscope