Façade test stand and multifunctional laboratory

The Twin²Sim project consists of a test stand, test rooms and a multifunctional laboratory in a research building.

Twin2Sim: Multifunctional test stand

The project serves the holistic investigation of complex building envelopes and building services engineering within the framework of a multifunctional test stand for façades (short-term investigations of 2-6 months) and a test building, in which the previously characterised façade components can be evaluated in the long term (several years). The test building further serves the evaluation of building services engineering installations in interaction with space and users. After the measurement, simulation and modelling takes place and thus the further development on digital twins is possible. This helps to reduce future development costs by reducing physical prototypes. For only the second time in Austria, the facility allows the measurement of the sound insulation of components in a test stand in timber construction and, for the first time, also the measurement of the longitudinal sound conduction. This function is particularly significant for the development of lightweight (wooden) components, as there are no calculation options for such components and simulation is still exclusively of a research nature.

Simulation on the digital twin

Twin2Sim: Ansicht Südost

With the know-how of the FH Salzburg, components and systems are represented by suitable models using simulations. Further development steps can subsequently be modelled on these digital twins. This procedure does not replace standardised tests, but it saves them having to be carried out several times in the course of development.Twin²Sim is used in funded research projects and in contract research.

High-quality timber construction architecture

The project integrates scientific testing into high-quality timber construction architecture (passive house ready), which will enhance Campus Kuchl both functionally and architecturally. Workplace for additional 20 people is created, which corresponds to an increase of 30% at the site.

Fassadenprüfstand mit Prüfling

Integration into teaching

Integration into teaching and training takes place through the use of the facility as an opportunity for prototype construction with subsequent measurement based evaluation, as a demonstration object for construction, building and control technology and through research-led teaching.

Incubator for the economy

The facility sees itself as an incubator for R&D and business, especially for SMEs without own research facilities, and is available to companies on a non-discriminatory basis, e.g. in the context of cooperative research projects.

Exploded view of test stand construction

Very constant temperature conditions are required in the test stand in order to be able to assess the influence of the test specimens on the room. Therefore, all external surfaces are heated or cooled on two levels and the energy used for this is measured. In addition, temperature, humidity, heat flow, solar radiation, wind and, if required, other physical parameters are recorded in the exterior and interior spaces as well as on the components themselves.

Who is researching at Twin2Sim?

Smart Building
The Team initiated the project, created the basic concept and will use the project for experiments and tests on building envelopes, hydrogen and building technology. The research team will have its workplaces in the project and thus also provide research subjects, e.g. for studies on comfort.

Forest Products Technology & Timber Constructions
The team is responsible for tests on timber construction and airborne sound insulation.

Alpine Building Centre
The Alpine Builidng Centre handles the project funding, has carried out the planning of the scientific facilities and the test fields, and will use the project for experiments and tests on building envelopes and building services technology. The research team will have its workplaces in the project and thus also provide research subjects, e.g. for studies on comfort.

The project is funded by the province of Salzburg within the framework of WISS2025.

Facts Twin2Sim

Location: Campus Kuchl
Funding Body: Province of Salzburg

Project volume: € 2.2 million
Net floor space: approx. 400 m²
Project start: 09/2019
Start of construction: 04/2021
Completion of construction: 12/2021
Validation and calibration: 07/2022 (individual tests are already possible during the validation phase)

Current Progress at Construction Site at Kuchl Campus

Project Team Twin2Sim

The following companies have granted donations in kind or discount on products:

Getzner Werkstoffe

The following companies have pledged donations in kind or discount on products:

  • AMC S.A., Industrialdea
  • COMPRIBAND-DICHTUNGEN Gesellschaft m.b.H.
  • Eternit Österreich GmbH
  • FlaktGroup Austria GmbH
  • Geberit Vertriebs GmbH & Co KG
  • Hoval Gesellschaft m.b.H.
  • Leviat B.V.
  • Saint-Gobain Rigips Austria GesmbH
  • Schlotterer Sonnenschutz Systeme GmbH
  • Theurl Timber Structures GmbH
  • TROX Austria GmbH
  • Uponor Vertriebs GmbH
  • URSA Dämmsysteme Austria GmbH
  • WILO Pumpen Österreich GmbH
  • Wolf Klima- und Heiztechnik GmbH
  • ZG Lighting Austria GmbH

Project Management and Planners

  • Project Controlling and and Building Control: SABAG, Salzburg
  • ArchitectureLP architektur ZT GmbH, Altenmarkt i.Pg.
  • Structural Engineering: Lackner I Egger ZT GmbH, Villach
  • Building Services Engineering: TB Dick+Harner GmbH, Salzburg
  • Electrical Engineering: TB Herbst GmbH, Salzburg
  • Measurement and Control Enginieering: NOVIAS GmbH, Haag
  • Sound Protection of Test Stand: ACOM Research, Thomasberg
  • Mechanical Engineering: ENRAG GmbH, Attnang-Puchheim
  • Cultural Technology: DI Anselmi ZT GmbH, Wals-Siezenheim
  • Fire Protection Engineering: Ingenieurbüro Eichinger Gerhard, Kuchl
  • Building Physics Engineering: Baumanagement Höllbacher, Salzburg

Construction Companies

  • Building Construction: Heinrich Baugesellschaft m.b.H. , Lend
  • Timber Construction: INNOVAHOLZ GmbH , Niedernfritz
  • Electrical Installation: Elektro Ebner GmbH , Hallein
  • Heating, Sanitary Installations, Ventilation & Air Conditioning: Hasenauer Installations GesmbH , Eugendorf
  • Measurement and Control Services: Regel- und Steuerungssystem AT GmbH, Brunn am Gebirge
  • Roof & Tinsmith Construction: HSG- Schattauer GmbH & CoKG , Golling
  • Raised Floor Construction: DBA Montagebau Ges.m.b.H. , Wien
  • Windows, Exterior Doors & Sunscreens: Reiter Bau und Fenster GmbH , Koppl
  • Metal Work: Gruber-Hofer Metalltechnik GmbH, Altenmarkt i.Pg
  • Tiler: Andreas Ebner Hafner- und Fliesenlegermeister GmbH, Elsbethen
  • Interior Doors: Prehal Möbel GmbH, Radstadt


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