Fellow "Polycular"

"Bits to Reality"

Mission: Polycular is an interactive media forge with the highest standards of creativity, technological excellence and innovation. With our App EscapeAR we turn any room or print publication into a playful learning experience in the form of an escape room. EscapeAR is not a lean-back eLearning, instead it motivates and challenges. Monitor, keyboard and all distractions are left behind and the office or living room is transformed by an App into a learning and experience space to be discovered by means of augmented reality. Our method imparts soft skills, helps with team building and trains to solve complex problems.

Team: Robert Praxmarer (†), DI, Founder | Thomas Layer-Wagner, Mag., Founder
Origin: MultiMediaTechnology
More Informations: https://www.polycular.com/
Contact: info@polycular.com | Tel: +43 699 121 46 503