Best career opportunities

The branches, in which the generally educated graduates are able to operate, are extremely multifarious. Upon entering a professional occupation, bachelor graduates will take on both line positions and consulting activities in corporate departments or in respective consulting firms.

In the fifth semester, the students are prepared for international occupation with the aid of numerous courses held in the English language and the opportunity to perform studies abroad at one of the many partner universities.

Graduates support the executives within companies by providing technically and methodically professional solutions to business and management problems by independently collecting and interpreting the relevant data, as well as by deducing recommendations for action, which take a diverse range of aspects into account.

Graduates of the Business Management Bachelor degree programme have command of the commercial tools that are required to ensure corporate success for their companies. They have internalised the principles of business management thinking and have comprehensive economic knowledge, which enable them to think and comprehend in cost-benefit dimensions within a globally networked economy.

They are acquainted with the basic functions of companies and comprehend the fundamental corporate processes. They know the application possibilities of the business management tools and methods and are able to use these skills in order to process the problems of a company in a structured manner. They understand the complex interdependencies within a real company and are able to recognise chances and assess risks.

The Result: The professionally prepared Business Management Bachelor graduate is equipped with all-round business management knowledge and has received practice-oriented training, which ensures that the graduate can integrate swiftly and well into the respective operational processes of a wide range of branches and professional fields.