Studying Business Management in Salzburg

Well-founded business knowledge and modern management know-how are not only crucial toward ensuring entrepreneurial success, but also prerequisites toward successfully following a career in business and management. The Business Management Bachelor Programme offers budding young executives a wide-ranging, multifaceted university education, which is designed to provide them with the skills necessary for them to take on any professional challenges that they may face in the future.

Bachelor graduates are equipped with all-round business management knowledge and have received practice-oriented training, which qualifies them for both cross-sector line positions and consulting activities.

Successful Management and Leadership

Graduates of the Business Management degree programme

  • have comprehensive economic knowledge, think and comprehend in cost-benefit dimensions within a globally networked economy.
  • have command of the commercial tools that go toward providing companies with success.
  • can deal with corporate problems in a clearly structured manner.
  • are acquainted with the basic functions of companies, comprehend the fundamental corporate processes, are able to recognise chances and assess risks.
  • have command of the management tools and are able to comprehensively and holistically accept managerial responsibility.
  • are qualified to pursue an international career due to the numerous courses held in the English language and the opportunity to perform studies abroad.

Curriculum Structure

Professional Competence:

This degree programme teaches the entire spectrum of economics and business management in particular. The methods of financial management, as well as well-founded accounting, mathematical and statistic knowledge, provide an insight into the complex scope of the all-encompassing entrepreneurial environment. Basic knowledge of the European and Austrian legal system and respective business law go toward rounding off the main focus.

Tools and Methods:

Visions, strategies and planning are the cornerstones of a long-term successful business policy. Therefore, knowledge on how to use management tools is just as much a part of the education as is project management business planning. Business informatics is also given a high level of importance in the study.

Social-Communicative Skills:

A high level of social skills is a prerequisite for an executive. The students are provided the necessary know-how in order to convince others with communication and management tools, presentations, moderation and team training, as well as conversation techniques.