The degree programme SME-Management & Entrepreneurship offers a practical management education at university level, aiming at the characteristics and challenges of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups.

Under the theme of competence - innovation - tradition the acquisition of skills is the main focus, which under the terms of the increasing external pressure allow for change and innovative solutions for successful business development. On the one hand, it promotes the benefits of the traditional long-term orientation of SMEs, such as specialist employee binding, and on the other hand, it structurally and competently learns to deal with structural resources and skills shortages as well as dealing in a solution-oriented way with financing, recruiting and retaining qualified personnel.

In addition, you gain expertise in the fields of strategic management and in project and process management. You learn to drive innovation management and to initiate and promote the development of new business models and cross-regional cooperation. In addition to appropriate technical and managerial skills, you also acquire social skills to prevail in a commonly "non-academic" environment.

Skills and Training Goals

Graduates of this degree programme are able to identify and exploit new market opportunities. With a perspective focused on innovation and customer benefit they are able to perform successfully on the market.

Regarding the close connection of innovation and high performance skills characteristic of small and medium-sized enterprises, you acquire the skills essential for midsize companies, to respond quickly and flexibly to changing market conditions and learn how to "manage the unplanned".

The application-oriented "entrepreneurial spirit" imparted in the course enables you to identify opportunities for innovation, initiate new business models and implement successful business succession profitably and effectively on the market.

Following the bachelor programme at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences is the possibility of pursuing a Master in Business Management.