The Master's program in MultiMediaTechnology offers two highly specialized and cutting-edge majors: Game & Simulation Engineering and Web Engineering. Both specializations are designed to provide deep technical knowledge, practical skills, and a thorough understanding of the latest technologies and industry practices, preparing graduates for successful careers in their respective fields.

Game & Simulation Engineering
Web Engineering


The programme is complemented by a wide range of electives, including relevant topics such as Information Visualisation, Mixed Reality Technologies or Deep Learning & Explanable AI. By choosing your specialisation, electives, master's project and thesis, you become the architect of your very own educational profile. Here is an overview of the topics and electives:

Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Information Visualisation & Visual Analytics: Focuses on key concepts and methods for encoding and presenting large data sets using interactive visualisation methods
  • Predictive Modelling: Covers models from data science and machine learning to develop generalised models for predicting data or future events
  • Deep Learning & Explainable AI: Focuses on in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge deep learning and neural networks
  • Generative AI: Covers theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of processing, analysis and generation of multimedia data
  • Mixed Reality Technologies: Focuses on human-centred approaches to AR/VR and the implementation and evaluation of AR/VR prototypes
  • Creative Entrepreneur & Corporate Innovation: Covers the development of a business plan for a digital product or service, including the first steps as an entrepreneur
Human-Computer Interaction
  • Selected topics in Human-Computer Interaction: Covers the latest theories, methods and interaction paradigms in the rapidly evolving field of HCI