MultiMediaTechnology (Master)

Creating immersive and interactive experiences

MultiMediaTechnology is an applied computer science programme that is at the forefront of current trends and committed to creating solutions for the digital landscape of the future. Our students are passionate about developing cutting-edge software and driving innovation in media and application areas such as augmented and virtual reality, gaming, mobile, web and internet technologies.

Study mode: part-time
Degree awarded: Master of Science in Engineering (MSc)
Length of study: 4 semesters (120 ECTS)
Study places per year: 20
Location: Urstein Campus, Puch/Salzburg
Language of instruction: English
Tuition: Euro 363,- per semester + Euro 24.70 student union fee per semester
Instruction: Monday and Tuesday whole day, Friday afternoon (on campus and online lessons)
Saturday mornings on rare occasions
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Why study MultiMediaTechnology at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences?

The MultiMediaTechnology Master's program at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences offers a range of distinctive features that position the program as a top choice for those seeking advanced education in the field of media informatics.

Cutting-Edge Specialisations

The program offers two highly specialized majors: Game & Simulation Engineering, and Web Engineering. These areas are tailored to current industry demands and technological advancements.

Practical, Project-Based Learning

A distinctive feature is the emphasis on real-world projects spanning up to four semesters. These projects guide students from design through prototyping to market readiness, offering hands-on experience in digital application creation and complex software challenges.

Interdisciplinary Teamwork

The program fosters interdisciplinary collaboration, especially between developers and designers. Students work closely with peers from design and human-computer interaction programs, mirroring professional industry workflows and enhancing teamwork and communication skills.

Wide Range of Electives

Students have access to a diverse range of elective courses, including Information Visualization, Mixed Reality Technologies, and Deep Learning & Explainable AI, allowing them to tailor their learning to their interests and career goals.

Start-Up Friendly Environment

The university is recognized as one of the most start-up-friendly institutions in Austria, with a strong emphasis on supporting project marketability and start-up development during and after the study period.

Expert Faculty and World-Class Facilities

The programme combines the expertise of highly qualified and experienced faculty with the enrichment of guest lectures from industry leaders, offering insights into the latest trends and practices. This educational excellence is complemented by state-of-the-art facilities situated in some of Austria's most picturesque regions, providing a stimulating and innovative learning environment.

Target group

The Master's programe offers tailor-made development opportunities for students with backgrounds in informatics or related fields. The program is structured to also cater to career changers, with preparatory courses and bridge modules to quickly build up necessary skills in key areas like web development, game development and machine learning. During your studies you will create games, web or mobile applications, while having fun with talented fellow students and working towards an academic degree that is highly relevant to industry.

Course times

DayMorning Afternoon 
Tuesdayon-campuson-campus or online
Friday on-campus or online
Saturdayon-campus or online  (on rare occasions)  

The regular weekly schedule involves on-campus classes on Monday and Tuesday morning, followed by on-campus or online classes on Tuesday afternoon. Wednesdays, Thursdays and Friday mornings are dedicated to degree-related projects or part-time work in external companies. Friday afternoons alternate between on-campus sessions and online formats. Saturday mornings are reserved for classes on rare occasions. This well-balanced structure allows students flexibility.


Choose a specialisation

In the Master's programme you choose one of our two specialisations from the first semester onwards:

  • Game & Simulation Engineering
  • Web Engineering
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Whether in the games or software industry, in the event sector or in the simulation industry: Your training at the FH Salzburg opens the doors to numerous career opportunities.

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