Degree Programme

Innovative and Social

Innovations are not only important in technical and economic areas, but also particularly in the social sector. This realization has been strengthened in recent decades, in as much as the welfare state has been subject to great changes, having in turn an impact on the education system, health care system, pensions, care (of the ill) situation, migration and integration agendas and many other socially relevant issues. The theme "social innovation" has therefore been discussed intensively for some time within the social science and social work arena, and even politicians have recognized the need for social innovation. This is reflected on the one hand in the increasing number of university courses and master's programmes, and on the other in research funding and policies on a European level. The master's programme innovation development in the social profit sector offered at the SUAS takes account of these developments and offers a current and internationally competitive course.

Shaping the social future

Today, the future of our social life has already been prepared and planned. Various organizations from the social sector, as well as both public and private actors mould with their actions their organizational structures and processes the world in which we we will live tomorrow. The master's programme endows graduates with skills that qualify them to undertake innovative planning and management within the social sphere. Graduates will be able to understand the social, economic and political contexts, to evaluate their social impact and help shape these in an innovative way. They will be able to analyze the relationship between the individual and society from multiple perspectives and include this knowledge in their work.

Broad overview and self-imposed consolidation

Students acquire a generalist skills profile, which enables them to make independent judgments and solve innovative problems in a dynamically changing environment. They also decide through their individually-chosen research topics on which specific topic of social sphere they wish to specialize. The aim of the master’s programme is to introduce students to their future tasks as qualified specialists and managers in social services.

Research on future social issues

The master's programme allows students to deal closely and analytically with research issues within the social sector. Closely supervised by experts, research groups with will be established in which the latest developments and current issues in future-oriented social sciences are dealt with, discussed and further developed.