Career Paths

Social Competence as a Profession

Graduates of the Bachelor's Programme in Social Work perform within the higher-level occupations in all areas of social services, both in Austria and in other EU countries. = SOCIAL WORK (including "Social Management").

Occupational fields include:

Advisory offices, youth welfare offices, youth centres, socio-pedagogic family help centres, socio-therapeutic apartment-sharing groups, probation officers, social services for disadvantaged people (physically, psychically, mentally, sensorily, etc.), help/work for the aged, hospital social work, administration, social help for addictive illness, addiction prevention, social services for the homeless, advice in cases of debt, social job pedagogics, company social work, social rehabilitation, work assistance, intercultural social work, socio-cultural work in districts and municipalities, etc.

There is a great need for experts in social work on the social work professional market, not only in the province of Salzburg. Graduates mainly of occupational bachelor's degree programmes in social work have excellent career advancement opportunities and are also very sought after as managers in various social profit enterprises.

After completing your bachelor studies you can also have the option of developing your skills further in the master degree programme "Social Innovation".