Degree Programme

Management in Times of Change & Sustainability

Since 2010, the Business Management degree programme offers a four semester master programme, which is organised in the forms of both full-time and part-time study with the graduation Master of Arts in Business.

Generalists are now in demand!

The Business Management Master programme is a generalist education, which is based on the strengths of traditional business studies.

This programme focuses on conveying knowledge and skills, which enable you to perform successful entrepreneurial action – even under conditions that are characterised by changes, insecurities and risks. Thus, the primary targets of this educational course are "creative generalists in times of change & sustainability."

We provide you with the ideal skills and tools to fulfil your future tasks as qualified specialists and executive staff in middle and top management, both in the industrial and service sectors. We will show you strategies with which you can master complexities and overcome uncertainties, teach you how to apply team-oriented working methods, strengthen your innovation, abstraction and integration abilities, as well as confront you with holistic and networked approaches.

The master study is integrated in the research of the degree programme. Therefore, you will be able to handle academic tasks on an international level in the master theses. Financial experts, such as South African University Professor Johan Coetzee or Professor Moshe Banai, Management Expert at the City University of New York, not only provide valuable input as visiting lecturers, but they will also actively support you with your research projects.

Thinking in Terms of Innovative Solutions

The assumption of personal responsibility and the search for innovative solutions to company level problems are focal points that are addressed in the "Possibility Spaces" (student studies module). Together with commercial partners and supported with the aid of intensive academic project coaching, the students work for two semesters on projects, whereby they apply a practice-oriented and research-based approach. They learn to analyse problems from various perspectives and to find solutions while taking holistic coherences into account.

Managing Complexity – Strengthening Personality

In the "Development Spaces" (Social Skills module), the students strengthen their skills in order to be able to deal with unforeseen key situations, turbulences and stress situations and to emerge from such situations with increased strength. In collaboration with personnel departments of large companies, practice-relevant conflict situations are simulated and dealt with in coaching and small group settings. Fundamental elements of the development rooms are the preparedness for reflection and the ability to give and accept feedback – because only those who are able to sufficiently discern are able to successfully implement changes.

Curriculum Structure

The Curriculum of the Business Management Master Programme

  • features a generalist profile and a thematic orientation toward "Sustainability" & "Risk", which is in turn oriented toward to the changing underlying conditions and requirements of the market
  • is designed to teach the skills that are required in order to facilitate the performance of successful entrepreneurial actions that are required under the conditions of change, insecurities and risks
  • is oriented toward the professional performance of change processes and the generation of innovative solutions
  • includes the quality standards of a theoretically founded, practice-oriented education
  • has a generalist approach that facilitates positive development and career perspectives, and also corresponds with the respective requirements of companies
  • is oriented toward the requirements of companies of all sizes and also meets the professionalisation requirements of medium-sized companies

Individual Arrangement

The Business Management Master Programme offers you versatile possibilities with regard to the individual arrangement of studies:

  • For instance, in the "Possibility Spaces" (student studies module) you work for two semesters on the development and implementation of demanding projects. You are supported by intensive coaching and counselling right from the start.
  • Due to the degree programme's inclusion of company level research, you will be able to work on practice-relevant subjects at a superior level when writing the final master papers
  • You can choose between four attractive specialisation courses in which consolidated knowledge, which is based on the generalist substructure, is imparted on subjects with a high proportion of "Change" & "Risk".