Specialisation Areas in the Business Management Master Programme

Corporate Development

Pro-active management is required for the implementation of corporate reorganisation and changes. In order to be able to generate innovative solutions and to initiate new business possibilities within a quickly changing environment, you will require the following knowledge and skills:

  • Structuring of organisations and the initiation, control and implementation of change processes
  • Control of innovative solutions during the development of the service offer, as well as organisational innovations and market innovations
  • Understanding of the relationship between companies and the environment
  • Management of inter-company cooperation and corporate networks

Financial Risk Management

Risk management and changes are examined from the financial perspective and you are able to acquire the key knowledge and skills

  • Overview and understanding of the financial risks to which a company is exposed
  • Methods for assessing financial risks and for successfully implementing risk management
  • Financial instruments for risk control, such as forward operations, options or swaps
  • Risks and change processes in association with mergers & acquisitions, governance and compliance

Service & Sales Management

This specialisation course is, among other things, focused on the development of so-called transactions concerning the relationship marketing of "customer care". A further focal point is the ever-increasing significance of the service sector.

  • Characteristics of performances within the service and NGO sector
  • Tasks and challenges of the corporate management in service markets, as well as the development of problem solving skills
  • Analysis, planning, realisation and control of service potentials, processes and results
  • Building and expanding customer relations, handling difficult customers and controlling sales processes
  • Creating efficient marketing organisations and developing planning and control instruments for marketing

      Purchasing & Supply Chain Management

      Increasing internationalisation and networking offer new design possibilities in purchasing and supply chain management, which can, however, also result in new risks. This consolidation gives you the necessary skills to adapt supply and value chains and optimize business management:

      • Understanding of the interplay between successful business developments and strategic purchasing and supply chain management
      • Knowledge of the opportunities and risks of cross-enterprise supplier management
      • Methods and models for analysis, planning and control of procurement processes
      • Professional treatment of suppliers in critical phases of the business relationship