Business Management (Master)

Change & Sustainability

What trends characterise tomorrow's management? We believe it is the ability to deal with internationalization, short product and innovation cycles, digital transformation and "green transition". In order to meet these developments, our Master's degree in Business Management is based on the topics “Change & sustainability”. Take advantage of our training that covers specific topics, all of which come under the traditional business administration umbrella.

Study mode: Full-time  |  part-time
Degree awarded: Master of Arts in Business (MA)
Length of study: 4 semesters (120 ECTS)
Study places per year: 35 full-time  |  22 part-time
Location: Urstein Campus
Language of instruction: German | English
Tuition: Euro 363,- per semester + Euro 24.70 student union fee per semester
Lesson times: Study mode full-time: Wednesday to Friday (full day)
Study mode part-time: Friday noon and Saturday all day, one online evening per week and one block week per semester
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Why study for your Master's degree in Business Management at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences?

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The business world is becoming more complex. Uncertainty is growing, and changes and risks are shaping how day-to-day business is done. Future managers need to be able not only to look at these facts but also to be well prepared for them.

Our Master's degree in Business Management at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences is all about giving aspiring and established managers the right tools. Finding innovative solutions, managing crises, and opening up new business opportunities – the management concepts that you create will help you.

In addition, you will learn:

  • Design and leadership skills
  • Communication and social skills
  • Strategies to address the growing complexity and uncertainty in the business environment
  • Team-oriented working methods
  • Innovation, abstraction, and integration skills
  • Holistic and networked thinking

Important aspects of our Master's degree in Business Management

Study content and focus areas

Apart from our fixed curriculum, students can take on extra projects through our modules “Spaces of possibility” and “Development spaces”. “Spaces of possibility” (Student studies) is the ideal opportunity to work on innovative practical and research-based topics. In “Development spaces” (Social skills), the focus is on discovering and developing personal skills.

Anything but bog-standard: From the second semester, you can design the focus of your Master's degree programme individually. The following four study studies are available:

  • Business development
  • Financial risk management
  • Service & sales management
  • Purchasing & supply chain management

Researching at an international level? This is exactly what you will be dealing with during your Master's thesis. Financial and management experts from all over the world not only act as guest lecturers during your studies but they also become active supporters for your research projects.

Job prospects and career

Whether consumer goods, industrial, or service sectors, specialist or executive, middle or senior management, our Master in Business Management will open the door to a wide range of professional opportunities. No wonder – after all, you have learnt how to react quickly to change processes. You are always one step ahead and are, therefore, able to cope with difficult management challenges.

What is more, with courage and entrepreneurial thinking, you push change yourself – and will, therefore, drive new trends in times of “Change & risk.”

Tips for students looking to combine working and studying: Our Finance Work & Study programme in cooperation with Porsche Holding Salzburg.

Semester abroad

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Are you aiming for an international career and would like to spend some time abroad for part of your studies? Studying business at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences gives you the opportunity to do so in the fourth semester. The extensive range of English-language courses available also paves the way for graduates to enter the big world of “Business Management.”

Interested in our Master of Business Administration? Find out more about the admissions procedure for our Master's degree in Business Management at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences!