Creative-artistic. Interdisciplinary. Project-oriented.

In order to succeed in the media profession, one needs not only technical, economic and design fundamentals, but also in-depth knowledge and skills in a medium. After the basic training in the first two semesters, the students therefore specialise in one of the four faculties: Communication Design, Film, Computer Animation or Audio.

In addition to the main areas, compulsory electives such as such as Photography, Concept Art, Visual Storytelling, Game Design, Sound & Performance or Motion Graphics connect different disciplines and expand the professional horizon in future-oriented areas.


Communication Design

  • Graphic Design / Typography
  • Visual Rhetoric
  • Corporate Design
  • Campaign Design
  • Information Design / Interface Design
  • Pitching Strategies
  • Human-Centred Design


  • Scriptwriting 
  • Digital DoP 
  • Digital Art Direction 
  • Digital Storytelling / Creating Visual Drama 
  • Mise-en-scène
  • Commercials
  • Film Producing


  • Concept Art & Modelling
  • Rigging & Animation
  • Rendering & VFX · Dynamics
  • Interactive Authoring
  • Animation Production


  • Music Production & Recording
  • Composition
  • Sound synthesis & sound design
  • Mix & Mastering
  • Interactive Audio
  • Soundtracks & Audio Postproduction
  • Sound & Performance