A deeper knowledge

Graduating with a specialisation in only three years? The MultiMediaTechnology BA programme takes 6 semesters (3 years).
The curriculum offers a great deal of choices. After the basic education in the first year, you select your major in the second year. There are two major and three minor subjects to choose from – all of them have great potential for the future.

Major subjects

Web & Mobile Development
This field covers developments in web 2.x and 3.x as well as web technologies, web frameworks, rich Internet applications, internationalisation, scaling, security and safety, semantic web, online communities and social networks and their psychology and sociology, as well as economic and legal aspects.

Game Development & Mixed Reality
This major focuses on the development of computer games and info/ edutainment applications. Game theory, economic and legal aspects of games, modelling, asset preparation, game architecture, game authoring systems, game engines and graphic libraries, game AL, multiplayer games, generative modelling, internationalisation and computer vision as well as augmented reality are part of the studies.