By studying MultiMediaTechnology, you will be helping to shape the future of digital media and devising a new generation of video games and interactive applications.

The programme teaches the theoretical and practical basic principles of media information technology and software development. It also promotes creativity and independence and develops social and communication skills. You learn to work in a team with designers from the MultiMediaArt degree programme to implement your technical expertise in a number of practical projects, preparing you for daily working life. With your Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSc) degree, you will be in demand as an expert within the creative industries and beyond.

Lecturers who work in the field and research and development projects during the degree programme will incorporate current issues into the tuition. The projects which students work on with a high level of independence are at the highest level, as evidenced by the numerous awards won in creative competitions (Mozilla Game Challenge, SXSW Award, Content Award, etc.). Successful cooperation projects with companies demonstrate the strong competitive edge our students have.

Curriculum Structure

The MultiMediaTechnology bachelor programme lasts for three years:

First year: basic principles of mathematics and programming, joint basic training in web development and computer graphics, creativity and projects, initial project in the specialisation.
Second year: information technology in more depth and specialisation in web or game development. Two multimedia projects, first bachelor thesis.
Third year: placement (in Austria or abroad), second bachelor thesis, final project.

You will also gain knowledge of foreign languages, pick up team management and project management skills, and learn about economic factors within the web/games sector.
You will also have the opportunity to gain international experience and to strengthen your intercultural skills by spending a semester abroad at one of our partner institutions in the fourth semester.

The specialisation in web & mobile or game development starts with an independent project at the end of the first academic year and will be continued until the end of your studies in projects, a practical semester and theses.

The courses for the specialisations are:

Web & Mobile Development: Backend Development 1 & 2, Content Management Systems, Frontend Development 1 & 2, Web Production Workflows, Interaction Design, Web Operations, Business of Web and selected subjects.
Game Development & Mixed Reality: Game Development 1 & 2, Specialisation in Computer Graphics, Mixed Reality 1 & 2, Game Production Environments, Business of Game and selected subjects.

There are also elective options for Interactive Prototyping & Physical Computing, Mobile Applications and Game Studies & Game Design.

Focus on projects and practical experience
The MultiMedia Technology programme is particularly focused on projects and practical experience. During the three-year course, you will develop an extensive project portfolio that documents your skills effectively. This will be a real plus when you apply for jobs and internships later on. It will include, for example, video games, web applications, multimedia installations and apps. We expect and encourage you to be creative. When working with designers, you will learn about each other's working methods and be able to get used to working together in creative teams, as is standard practice in the sector.

Time commitment
Studying MultiMedia Technology means focusing fully on your studies. The curriculum includes lectures, seminars, tutorials and guest lectures. In addition, students work on their projects with a high level of independence, spending a considerable amount of time on them.
Having a job during term time is not recommended.

Prior knowledge
All programming courses as part of MultiMedia Technology start from scratch. Prior knowledge is not required (although it would be helpful). Students with no experience of programming will be given additional help and support in tutorials.

Master programme
You have the option to join the MultiMedia Technology master programme at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences. The master degree programme is also open to graduates of various technical bachelor degree programmes.