The program combines solid technical perspectives with societal and economic considerations, offering a diverse range of reference points for individualization through this interdisciplinary approach.

We place particular emphasis on the following three focal points in the program:

  1. AI and Humanity
  2. Individualization
  3. Space for Networking

AI and Humanity

AI technologies have the potential to reshape society and values. They increasingly influence our ability to responsibly navigate the foundations of our lives in the future. Therefore, it is crucial that such solutions are not adopted uncritically from non-European value systems and integrated as essential components of business models in their services and offerings. To develop sustainable and supportive AI models for the economy and society, you initially engage with the technical prerequisites, gaining a profound understanding of Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Information Technologies in their applications. Simultaneously, you delve into questions of machine ethics, learning about the motivation, content, and impacts of European frameworks and regulations (such as the EU AI Act or the Sustainable Development Goals) that address technology deployment and sustainability. By combining these competencies, you design valuable solutions within the human-technology interface.


The introduction of questions and solution approaches is, therefore, an integral part of the study, allowing you to reflect on your own experiences and work environment. For example, in your project work during the second and third semesters, you can individually deepen your subject and method competencies in selected application fields such as Language Technologies, Reinforcement Learning, or Industrial & Medical Image Processing. During in-person sessions, coaches from technical fields and thematic areas are available to you. Throughout the entire project period, you will be accompanied by subject supervisors, introduced to agile project management, and practice the discursive defense and presentation of your ideas. In the context of the master's thesis, you can further emphasize your individual focus. We offer a wide variety of topics and are open to suitable individually introduced questions.

Space for Networking

The Department of Information Technologies and Digitalisation hosts additional bachelor's and master's programs that closely collaborate with AI for Sustainable Technologies. This interaction ensures that you benefit from diverse perspectives and competencies in research and teaching, as well as a large, international network of research, business, and educational partners. Take advantage of the benefits of this community as a booster for your career and personal advancement.