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As a graduate, you have excellent job prospects. You can take up leading positions in the interdisciplinary field of industrial computer science or develop innovative solutions that drive technological progress in the areas of cyber-physical systems and Industry 4.0. Career options are available in the automation and electronics sector, mechanical and plant engineering, the manufacturing industry, but also in IT and software companies and service providers as well as research and development institutions.

Specifically, you can take on the following professional positions, for example:

  •     Technology developer in the fields of computer science, automation technology and robotics
  •     Project manager
  •     Research associate

Salzburg is characterized by high-tech industry, but also by sectors such as trade, business-related services and research institutions. This region of Austria therefore offers particularly promising prospects for graduates of the Master's degree program in Industrial Informatics & Robotics. For example, you could work for renowned international companies in the future, including