Rectorate and University Management

Management and Rectorate represent the university and together are responsible for strategy, development and quality of the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences.

Management and Rectorate

The Salzburg University of Applied Sciences (SUAS) is the sustainer and provider of 18 bachelor's and 12 master's degree programmes and further education courses at the locations Campus Urstein, Campus Kuchl, Campus SALK, Campus Schwarzach. They are represented by the two managers. To ensure effective and efficient teaching and research activities, the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences Board has been set up in addition to the management, chaired by the Rector.

Together management and Rector form the university administration. The content and organization of the teaching, study and research operation of the programs and their conforming to the regulations is overseen by the respective degree programme heads.

Salzburg University of Applied Sciences Services

The Salzburg University of Applied Sciences services ensure the infrastructure and organisational framework of the study, research and the functional operation of the university.